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Traditional and iconic 'Bilum' bags are handmade by master weavers in Papua New Guinea.

Deeply woven into all aspects of social and cultural identity in Papua New Guinea, each bilum is unique and symbolic; telling real life stories of people, communities, places and events. Traditionally used to transport goods and babies, they are extremely strong, durable and expansive. Earthy tones and natural fibre; bilums are handcrafted from woven yarn, by a method known as knotless netting, an ancient craft that has been passed down from generation to generation over centuries.

Making a bilum is a time consuming process. From sourcing and collecting plants, beating, drying, twisting, dying and weaving, a single bilum can take 4-8 weeks to make.

Made primarily by women, the money generated from the sale of these bilums goes directly back to the artisan and her family.                                                                     

You are literally buying something unique, preserving a tradition, supporting weeks of labour and supporting livelihoods.

Sold in Limited Edition.

the Narrative :
We want to offer in our pop up store a few of the pieces seen in our own shoots as natural props, and as the Bilum Bags are one of the most beautiful things we ourselves own and a craft we love supporting, we wanted them to be the first piece you can buy in our pop up art shop that is not created by us ourselves.
A bilum bag is so much more than a bag; timelessly adding texture and a soulful sense of story to pretty much any (in our case; all of our-) rooms.