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Originally created in 2015 for a personal project 

Each photographic print is now handpainted continuously for you by Sara N Bergman (all according to the designs as seen, but possibly with smaller differences due to the handmade nature)

Box containing 9 art sheets in approx. a4 size 

Limited and Numbered edition of 250 

160 g genuine fine art paper in a sand tone,
renowned for its high quality

The Narrative : 

Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt said
'Art is a Line around your thoughts' and these
are the lines around some of ours. From the
Lemholt N' Bergman archives, created in '15,
our thoughts were on what lies beyond, what is seen
by ourselves and by others, what is out in the open
and what lies hidden. 
Also what remains. 
That was all painted in lines on each and every black and white 
Hannah Lemholt photograph by illustrator Sara N' Bergman and is now done so again, 
on each and every one, for you.