✶ the Art Shop is now sold out and will reopen again come spring — Lemholt N' Bergman wishes you a beautiful end to this year ✶


Lines are often drawn between people before they are even aware of them.
With Lemholt and Bergman it was quite literal linesthose inside of notebooks, being drawn.
Both loving since childhood the inside of pretty much any papeterie.
Getting to try out various pens, pencils, chalk and crayons on different papers.
Spending the pocket money on silken diaries and Japanese ink.
Both loving since childhood the space of pretty much any art gallery.
Spending the pocket money on admission tickets and exhibit posters.
Standing under the works of sculptors and photographers, eyes  and hearts widening,
holding keys to open yet unknown locks of their creatively conjoint adulthood.

 Lemholt is an autodidact photographer.
Her first photographic work within fashion was done with such depth and
far beyond the apparel, so much so that they went on
to be exhibited where all 
the pieces were sold out.
Her work was then inquired to be bought by agents, companies and privates alike,
which led her to focus on working mainly within fine art.
From Hannah’s already extensive body of work, trend forecaster Li Edelkoort 
a heap of favourites to be featured in her Trend Book of 2015, 
continually setting forth trends two years in advance
for the textile, fashion, interior, decoration, - & beauty industry.
Hannah's photography is continually sold all over the world and published in magazines
ELLE, ELLE Decoration, ELLE Deco, ELLE Country, RUM, Residence etc.
(Sara N) Bergman started choosing arts and aesthetics as an education already in high school.
She went on to study advertising at Beckmans College of Design
(the oldest education programme on fashion in Sweden)
and then continued on adding two years of art study at a Swedish school of art and design.
With her innovative ideas and thoughtful composition in illustrations and graphics,
she continually works for clients such as Ikea, Bonnier and Liber from her Atelier in Stockholm.
She has a distinctive hand, - renowned and recognised and her creative force knows no limits.  
You might very well have seen the work of her hand, in free form, as she's created
commisioned murals in both private and public settings.
Most likely you've seen her set styling work, without knowing, as she often works with
photo shoots for fashion brands, books, interior designers and magazines.