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Personas by Lemholt N' Bergman.


Personal Lemholt N' Bergman art meet affordable Dutch design. 


Mixed media.
Eyes photographed by (Hannah) Lemholt printed on handmade paper.
Personalities illustrated and painted by hand by (Sara N) Bergman 
using Japanese ink, crayon and aquarelle.


Seven Personas exclusively created for, - and sold at IXXI.
Available in a few fixed formats or choose to go with any format,
- and as big as you want.


Easy to affix without any drilling. 
Everything needed for assembly comes in your box from IXXI.


Matte paper that is scratch, moisture, - & UV resistant.
100% recyclable.
3-5 working days shipping from IXXI to most countries in the world.


The Narrative :


"We created the Personas for our love of photography, handmade paper,
and the mix of techniques & art tools. And for our love of personalities."
Each persona is unique as only the eyes, portrayed by Lemholt,
are printed, whereon Bergman creates their character & characteristics
by hand.
"We are truly moved and so happy about how the Personas have been
received at exhibits. Seeing families and friends discussing favourites
amongst themselves, choosing carefully and coming back for more
has an ongoing profound effect on us. Thank you..!" 
Lemholt N' Bergman's Personas has previously only been available
at exhibits and physical pop up events. 


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