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Designed by Lemholt N' Bergman

 Mixed media.
Photography, aquarelle and graphite pen 

  Available for 25 phone models and counting

 Available as 'snap cases' for everyday knocks and drops
or 'armoured cases' for superior protection

 Studio teams in the U.K, Australia and the U.S print,
make and ship, so NO questionable production or 
long-haul flight deliveries 




 The Narrative : 

The first series is a homage to the diverse women in our lives.
The ones who have loved, inspired, taught,
challenged and changed us the most.
Here's to hoping you have an artist, a tiger heart or a leopard lady
(you know who they are),
a snake tamer and at least one listener in your life.
If you do, - maybe send them surprise flowers and
give them a real call more often.

The 2nd series, Give a Damn, continues on the path of
honouring women and their own diverse paths in womanhood.
The portraits are based on faces portrayed by Hannah Lemholt
and the bodies of ink and aquarelle handpainted illustrations by
illustrator Sara N' Bergman. Together they are the mix that is
Lemholt N' Bergman


Shop the two Lemholt N' Bergman x the Dairy Collections here.