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A personal project created continually over the years

Limited Edition 

Original 'carte de visite' (calling cards) from studios in Brooklyn, Stockholm, London, Paris etc. collected on our joint travels, hand-tinted by Sara N Bergman

Box (7x11 cm) containing 5 hand-tinted portrait art cards, varying in size due to their antique nature

You may get a Phantom from Paris, a Pirate from
Stockholm, a Batwoman from Brooklyn or a
Bird Boss Lady from London

We've always mixed ours in with other, perhaps
framed art, to get a more personal and unique last touch. They're also rad as solitaire, small but powerful little surprises on their own, placed randomly


the Narrative : 
Every family has some darkness, some secrets,
some problems, some sadness, some shadows,
some weirdness, or all of the above.
We agree with mother T when she said
'If you want to change the world, go home and love your family' and our Ln'B FAMILIES art cards are all about our love for exactly that, - families.
Just the way they are.