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PERSONA single
PERSONA single
PERSONA single

PERSONA single

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Previously only available at exhibits and physical pop up events.

Sold online for one week only.

Eyes photographed by (Hannah) Lemholt is the only thing printed, whereon (Sara N) Bergman illustrates and hand-paints the 'personas' based on, - and originating with the eyes.

One approx. a4 size original (most papers are handmade).

Originals only.

One paper may depict one, two or up to three 'personas'. 


Please Note :

Thank you for all your requests to buy from this series..! The Persona's unique character and us seeing people choose so carefully among them at exhibits is why we only sold those in person before. What you can do in this digital way, is to make a wish with your order if there's anything you'd prefer more than something else (like if you'd prefer a darker or lighter paper, if you would rather have only one 'persona' drawn or up to three. We will do our utmost to try to cater to your different preferences (!), but please remember that the uniqueness of these is their whole concept. We have most times of all, very happily, seen customers at the exhibits circle back to us for more of them to be combined. For this reason, furthermore, we have created the option to buy three papers in a set, or five papers in a set as well (please see those listings separately), and then also save a bit on the total price. With much love from us to you, wishing really that we could've done this in person with all of you..!