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Originally created in 2018 for a personal project

Shells handpicked by Bergman on Nusa Penida
(w. CITES allowance for smaller size corals / shells) and rings hand finished in 925 sterling silver in Sweden
with adjustable sizing at the back

Shells approx. 1,5 - 2,5 cm height | rings approx.
4.5 cm height / 3 cm wide (all vary due to the natural quality of these pieces)

A highly limited number of completely original pieces

May be holding tiny grains of sand and no piece is
like the other

Not for the faint of heart. The siren ring stands proud on your hand


the Narrative :
As collectors from childhood, we wanted to embody that love and appreciation for what mother nature creates in imperfect absolute beauty, with a detail that only comes in, - & will belong to, very few.
Listen out for the siren song.